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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Culture and Entertainment - Stockholm, Sweden

In its own theatre on Marenplan in the middle of Sodertalje, STA has been producing performances, festivals, courses and other meaningful activities since 1960 STA's community has room for everyone, regardless of age, background, opinion or experience.  Theatre for everyone.

Sodertalje Teatermatorer (STA)
Box 345, 151 24 Sodertalje

Tel:   08 550 637 08

Email:  info@sta,nu

Sodertalje stadsscen,
Estrad & Trombon

Sodertalje City Theatre (Sodertwalje stadsscen) with the venues, Estad and Trombon, are Sodertalje
town's performing arts spaces.  here you can see theatre, dance and comedy as well as enjoy concerts
We offer everything from local to international talent.  Estad is also a digital 3D cinema . In Trombon you can dance to music from the most popular bands.

Sodertalje Stadsscen
campusgatan 26,

Luna biljeyycentrum  08 523 030 80

Turistbyran  08 523060 30

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