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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Walks in the surrounding Sarnico - Italy

From the historic district, a cycling and pedestrian lane along the lake leading to the area dedicated to
swimming where you will find:  the Lido Fontani, beside the small church of Stella Maris (1935),
located in a picturesque position on the lakeshore; the Lido Cade' and Lido Nettuno,ideal places for enjoying a thoroughly relaxing afternoon or for challenging with some water sports. The route of about 4 km reaches the outskirts of the town of Predore, passing in front of Cantieri Riva and two villas in Art Deco style: Villa Faccanoni and Villa Surre.  Close to the new Piazza Papa Giovanni, one finds the ex-church of Nigrignano, a small building whose existence was hitherto unknown, today a
multi-purpose centre for cultural events.

Travelling along the picturesque Via Manzoni along the course of the River Oglio and having passed the Cappelletta dei Morti (Chapel of the Dead) built for the plague victims of 1630, you reach Fosio locally. A rather snug church (Chiesetta) dedicated to Saint Teresa (1929) opens the cluster of homes there.  An old hamlet can be admired here which was originally the heart of the weekly market, as well as the ruins of a mill and a dam which has been functional since 1933.

Along the Provincial road for Bergamo in Castione locality rising toward the hill, we find the
Chiesetta ( small church) of SS Nazario e Rocco, notable for its 11th century Romanesque frescoes.
Above the Guema stream, the Rocchetta building dominates, a sumptuous 18th century building
constructed on the ruins of an old medieval fortification, today home of the renowned winery of the
Valcalepio area.

If you would like to spend a few hours in contact with nature, a hike on the Forcella-Molere trail is
perfect as it unwinds on the hill behind the town, offering breathtaking views of Lake Iseo. After passing the Molere area, the most evocative section of the trail, you will reach the Rocca de'
Zucchellis, an old outpost that served to defend the territory, built around the second half of the
13th century.  The Small Church of the Alpini completed in 1975 can be seen on the hill, which can
be reached by stairs that are not overly demanding.

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