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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Pau Chateau Quarter - Pau Pyrenees, France

An active area with a historical heart, the Chateau quarter and its pedestrian coble stoned streets take you on a picturesque trip back into history.  Taste the best of the "terrior" local products in the many  restaurants in the area.

National Museum of the Chateau of Pau

As the emblematic birthplace of the  - Good King Henry- it remains forever tied to this popular royal figure.  The diversity of its architecture is a condensed version of the city's history. The Montauser Tower to the dungeon and its simplistic architecture is a statement of the tower's initial defensive role.
Starting in the XVth  century emblishments were then gradually added, following the rise in prestige of the royal crown of Navarre.  Refinement of the renaissance period therefore softened the military  functions it had held until then.  The Chateau as we know it today is the result of restoration during the XIXth century.
The castle gardens also date back to that period. This prestigious environment of the court of Navarre
was created by Henry of Albert and Marguerite of Navarre, grandparents of Henry IV.  As early as the
XVIII century, urbanism overtook these gardens of which a large part of the Grand Park still exists
near rue d'Etigny, and is an ideal place for a stroll along the banks of the Gave and on the outskirts
of the city.

What not to miss in the neighbourhood:

At number 2 of rue du Chateau, Hotel Sully is a private estate from the XVIIth century, with an interior court paved with <peach pit> river polished stones from the gave.  Rub its knocker on the front door for a bit of good luck.

Saint Martin's Church, named after the city's patron dates back to the XIXth century.  Admire the mysteries of the rosary painted by Hippolyte Flandrin and a Resurrection of Christ by Eugene Deveria.

The Chapel of Perseverance, renovated and converted into a gallery for exhibits, with its little known charm will no doubt surprise visitors.

The Parliament Of Navarre in 1620, Louis XIII signed the Edict of the union of Bearn and France.
The Parliament of Navarre was therefore created and housed in the Court of Justice in 1585, which was located at the corner of today's Place  de la Deportation. After burning in 1716, the ra vaged court was rebuilt and abandoned in 1856 in favour of the current court house.  Having been restored, it now houses the public institution <Conseil General des Pyrenees Atlantiques>. On the western facade, one can see a tribute in the form of a medallion to Louis Barthou and Leon Berard, two academics and political figures of the IIIrd republic, both born in the Bearn.

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