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Monday, 8 May 2017

Pope San Giovanni XXIII - Italy

Pope John XXIII Episcopal Seminary

Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli first entered the seminary as a student in 1892 and later returned there to teach ecclesiastic history, patristics, apologetics and theology from 1906 to 1914.  The seminary has
existed in Bergamo since October 1, 1567. It was first located in the S. Pancrzio Church in 1572 it was transferred to the Seminarino and in 1821  it was moved to the new building constructed on the
S. Giovanni hills. it was completely remodeled in the 1960s on order of Saint John XXIII.  Functional and modern, it has a large auditorium, sports facilities and equipment, classrooms for students and the school of theology, a library and lodgings for the seminary students and priests.

Seminario Vescovile Giovanni XXIII
Via Arena, 11

Tel:  0039 035 286 111


Santa Maria Maggiore Bascilica

The Basilica is the most important Romasesque church of the city and province of Bergamo.  Inside
there are 14th century frescos, paintings by various Italian schools, wood inlays by Lorenzo Lotto,
Tuscan and Flemish tapestries, a wood confessional by Andrea Fantoni, and the tomb of composer Gaetano Donizetti, who was a native son of Bergamo.  Father Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli often prayed here and celebrated Holy Mass  during the period in which he worked for the Bergamo Curia

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore
Piazza Duomo

Tel:   0039 035 223 327

Web;   www.

Former Student's House

The Student's House was inaugurated in Bergamo Alta on November 25, 1918.  The facility had student halls, classrooms for religious studies, and spaces for meetings and after-school gatherings
Angelo Giuseppe Ronacalli, who was in charge of the project and the future director, prepared the
furnishings and also set up and decorated the chapel.  The medieval palazzo is currently privately owned, but in the past it belonged to the Curia, which used the first floor on the Bishop's residence.

Ex Caso dello Studente (Private Residence)
Via San Salvatore, 8

Angelo Mai Civic Library

Young Angelo Giuseppe Ronacalli was an assiduous visitor of the Bergamo Civic Library, where he
studied the local history.  During his lifetime, in 1962, a room was dedicated to him with books, documents, photographs, audio and video recordings, coins and commemorative medallions , relics and works of art that illustrate the life, thoughts, and papacy of John XXIII, with particular focus on the Second Vatican  Council

Biblioteca Civica Angelo Mai
Piazza Vecchia, 15

Tel:   0039 035 399 430


Cathedral: Saint John XXIII Chapel

In the Bergamo Cathedral, the chapel to the memory of Saint John XXIII: it has a relic, three pectoral
crosses, an Episcopal ring, a gold chalice, a gold tiara with rubies and pearls (donated by the people of Bergamo for his coronation), and the cypress wood casket in which Pope John XIII was placed from his death until 2000, the year of his beatification, Bishop Giuseppe Ronacalli was the secretary, lays at rest in the crypt.

Piazza Duomo

Tel:   0039 035 271 208

Web:   www.cattedralebergamo,it

Other places dedicated to Saint John XIII in Bergamo

The Saint John XIII itenerary could begin in the lower Bergamo, at the beginning of the long Papa
Giovanni XXIII Boulevard, which is the location of the "L'Eco di Bergamo"newspaper, for which
Angelo Giuseppe Ronacalli was a frequent contributor, and the Giovanni XXIII Congress Center.
The new city hospital, which was inauguarted in December 2012, is also dedicated to Pope John XXIII.

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