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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Pope Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo

The strong bond between Saint John XXIII and Bergamo never wavered and the city always remained in his heart. He lived there for many years. He studied in Bergamo and such his experiences
led to the publication of encyclicals such as "Pacam in Terris" and the San Carlo Borromeo pastoral visit. It is possible to visit places in Bergamo where Pope John XXIII lived and studied when he was  in the seminary and where he spent his first years as priest carrying out his mission in Bergamo Alta.
The itinerary in Bergamo dedicated to Saint John XXIII is tied to the one in Sotto il Monte Giovanni
XXIII, where Angelo Roncalli was born, lived and also spent pleasant moments of repose when he was a bishop and cardinal. If the most significant moments of a pilgrimage to Sotto il Monte involve walking down the same streets and visiting the places where the beloved pontiff and fellow-citizen lived, a visit to Bergamo is the natural continuation of Saint John XXIII's life and work, and many of its finest buildings still tell his story.

His Life

Saint John XXIII was born in Sotto il Monte on November 25, 1881. He entered the Bergamo Seminary in 1892 and completed his education in Rome, where he was ordained a priest. Pope Pius
XII nominated him Cardinal and Patriarch of Venice in 1953. Angelo Roncalli was elected Pope in 1958, and in less than five years  of papacy, he successfully launched an evangelical renewal of the
Catholic Church.. Notable were his convocation of the Second Vatican Council on October 11, 1962 and his encyclical "Pacem in Terris"during the Cold War, for which he was awarded the Balzan Award for Peace. Saint John XXIII died in Rome on June 3, 1963. Beatified by Pope John Paul II
on September 2000, he was proclaimed saint on April 27, 2014.  Many miracles have been
attributed to Saint John XXIII, besides the one that saved the life of Sister Caterina Capitani, who was unexplainably cured after a hemorrhage with serious complications.
He was called "the Good Pope"

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