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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Must See Locations at Pau Pyrenees - 2

The White Water Stadium, you're in for a ride!

In one of the only two white-water stadiums in France, come try out kayaking, rafting or hydro speeding.
An unforgettable experience for all ages.

The reputation of the Gave of Pau travels well beyond the borders of Bearn and Aquitaine Olympic
champions started out in the tumultuous waters that now supply the international white-water stadium.
Created as a training centre for the French elite of canoeing and kayaking, it is also open to clubs and the general public.

- Bizanos

Stade d'Eaux- Vives

Pau -Pyrenees
Avenue Leon Heid
Tel:  +33 5 59 40 85 44

Canoeing, kayaking, rafting, white-water swimming

- Pau

Maison pour Tous Leo Lagrange
41 rue du Colonel Gloxin
Tel: +33 5 59 06 66 89

Abys kayak shop
Avenue Gaston Lacoste
Pont Lalanne
Tel:  +33 5 59 30 10 23

- Jurancon

Cup Pyrenees Eaux-Vives
2 Avenue Corps Franc Pommies
Tel:  +33 5 59 06 52 49


Flowing down from the mountains, there are many "Gaves" and rivers throughout the towns of Pau Pyrenees.....  a fisherman's paradise. Wild salmon, trout and most French fresh water species can be found in the area. Professional guides will take you to the 'good spots'

Peche 64 Fishing Guide available on demand for Free at the Tourism Office

- Pau

Federation et Maison de la nature, peche et chasse
12 boulevard Hauterive
Tel:  +33 5 59 84 98 50

- Idron

Sport Fishing Adventure
25, Chemin Cam Marty.
Tel: +33 6 42 43 57 00

"Craftsman" of fishing trips, our trips, our trips are based not only on authentic fishing spots, but also on the athletic aspect and techniques.

- Hagetaubin

La Pecherie d' Aurit
Tel:   +33 5 59 67 51 62
Horse, donkey, and pony rides, trout fishing, a petting zoo for farm animals, hiking paths and a site for picnicking and barbecues.

- Iktus

Centre de peche sportive
Maison des Lacs
Tel:   +33 5 59 83 20
Carp and carnivorous fish fishing fish fishing in Aquitaine on a 35h for fly fishing for salmon and carnivorous fish, fishing on the Gave of Pau.

Swimming Pools

\List of opening hours available at the Tourism Office

- Pau

Piscine Louis Peguilthan
Boulevard du Carni Salie'
Tel:|   +335 5 59 77 48 05
1 indoor pool open year round
1 outdoor pool open in the summer

- Lescar

Piscine de lescar
Rue di=u Lieutenant Garnuchot
Tel:  +33 5 59 81 20 28
Outdoor summer only pool

- Lons

Mail de Coubertin
Tel:  +33 5 59 32 83 01
2 indoor pools
(one lap pool, one shallow leisure pool and kiddy pool)
Steam room and Jacuzzi


- Pau

Aquatic fitness centre and beauty-massage centre - children 5 and older must be with an adult at all times.
Boulevard du Carni Salie'
Tel: 0826 303 664

- Goes

Lac du Faget
Tel;   +33 5 59 39 20 75
Slides. pentaslide, wave pools....
Open Mid-June to September

- Baudreix Biron

Swimming lakes
(admission fees apply)

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