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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Must Locations & Landmarks Pau Pyrenees, France

The panoramic view of the Boulevard des Pyrenees

"The city of Pau sheds the deep blue blanket of the Pyrenees from the  hillsides of the Gave over to the luxurious villas" (Francis jammes). While standing on this boulevard that was finished in 1900, you will admire the unique panoramic view of the Pyrenees Mountain range. Let yourself be overwhelemed by the changing sceneries that unravel from one season to the next.

The Boulevard des Pyrenees

Already in the XIXth century, foreign visitors praised the views that can be seen from the Boulevard des Pyrenees. "That which truly seduces, which has no equal in the Universe, that one never tires from admiring, is the unequalled panoramic view from the hillside vineyards to the mountains that create a marvellous show and seems to be have been intentionally arranged by fairies " (Michel de
Chrouschoff, 1891)

Created as a mountain version of the <promenade des anglais> in Nice, this boulevard with its slight 850m incline takes you from the Chateau all the way up to the Palais des Beaumont and its fabulous park in the heart of the city.  It is an amazing balcony that provides a view of almost 150 km of the
Pyrenees mountain range.  Below the boulevard, the ,Sentiers du Roy> walking paths wind around and lead you enjoyably to the train station.

A railing for orientation

The Boulevard des Pyrenees is a  "balcony" that hides a little secret.  Stand facing the Pyrenees. Gaze
towards the highest chimney, which is the old tramway factory and now houses the inter-communal archives.  The railing will show you the name of the peak or the site right behind the chimney, from the hills of the Ariege all the way to the Basque Country.

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