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Friday, 26 May 2017

Hotel Metro - Budapest, Hungary

Descend with your friends deep into our Paniqroom and find your way out together behind its 20 cm thick steel and concrete doors.  But beware. You have got only 60 minutes to escape, or the room will hold you captive forever.

To make your escape you will need to rely on your intelligence and team work, for in every corner of the room, you can find a "key", which will take you closer to salvation.  The way out is through breaking codes, numerical locks, solving riddles and devil locks.  The Timer is always visible, so you
can see how much time you got left.

Those without nerves of steel should not be afraid of sudden  jump scares.  The high adrenaline level will come from the time pressure and the excitement of solving puzzles of various difficulty levels.
When the last key is found  the doors will open and freedom will be granted to you.


Tel:   +36 70 408 46 84



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