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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Good To Know during your stay in Budapest

Drinking Laws

- Hungary has a zero-tolerance policy for drunk driving and this is strictly enforced if you're stopped
- The legal drinking age is 18'
- It is illegal to drink on public transport and on the streets but totally ignored unless it causes
- In the city centre the only shops allowed to sell alcohol past 10pm are tobacco stores.

Smoking Laws

- Since 2013 you can only smoke public in open air places
- Tobacco products can be purchased in licenced shops called " Nemzeti Dohanybolt" (National             Tobacco Shop)
- In Budapest there are many open air pubs, so if you're a smoker this dosen't influence your stay           much

On Public Transport

- Always use public transport with a ticket or a pass
- The ticket inspectors frequently travel with city officials, who have the right to hold you up and ask
  for your ID so they can fine you.

How to Use Taxi

- Only travel with taxis with large company names and telephone numbers printed on the sides, and
   with yellow licence plates.
- You should call a taxi on phone, don't hail any. Most operators speak English, while many taxi            drivers don't.
- Official Budapest taxis all use taximeters, the fare should start at 450 Ft per kilometer,.

Useful Phone Numbers

- Ambulance:  104
- Police: 107
- Fire Service : 105
- Central help number:  112
- General enquiries :  197
- Domestic enquiries: 198
- International enquiries: 199
- Auto club help number: 188
- Speaking clock: 180
- Tourist Polkice (0-24): +36 1 438 8080
- 24 hour medical assistance in English (Falck SOS Hungary)   +36 1 2400 475
- Non-stop pharmacy
  District 6, Terez krt 41
  Tel:  +36 1 311 4439  near Oktogon

The Point Kft
1144 Budapest Ond


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