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Friday, 5 May 2017

Church of St Agatha in Carmin - Bergamo -Citta' Alta, Italy

The Facade has kept the 15th century portal, but the whole comes from two different restorations dtd, 1883 and 1964.
During the 14th century some Carmelite hermits settled in Bergamo, where in 1451 they erected this church with annex convent.  The cloister was built n two periods: in 1511 and in 1605.

The east aisle of the refectory, adorned with frescoes of Milanese influence dates back to 1514.
Architecturally laid down at single hall, with traverses and deep choir, this church was in time enriched by thirteen altars, ornamented and adorned.

The building was made higher by means of the eighteenth - century modernization ( 1719 - 1724),
with vaulted covering, while the final chapels were broken at the bottom and the others were shaped in rococo style.
The Chapel of the Lady of Carmin also belongs to eighteenth century; the structure was designed by Giovanni Battista Caniana (1730 approx.) while the altar little temple of Filippo Juvarra(1731 approx.) was built later by Filippo Alessandri from Bergamo.

In 1797 the convent was removed and in 1799 the Church was used as parish dedicated to St. Agatha
in Carmin.

Since different decades   it's more parish.  It preserves also works coming from other churches of the city which were removed at the time of napoleon, as the two big paintings by Francesco Terzi and by
Francesco Ponte also known as Bassano (on the presbytery) coming from St Francis.

The last significant restoration work, directed by architect Virginio Muzio, is dated between 1902
and 1904.

Timetable for Sundays and holidays Holy Mass:

Church of St Agatha in Carmin:  h 11.00

Cathedral:  h:  7.30 - 9.00 - 10.30 - 18.00

St Mary Major:  h. 11.00 - 12.00

Church of St. Agatha in Carmin
Via Colleoni
Bergamo - Citta' Alta


Weekdays : h. 9.00 - 11.00
          Tel;  035 271208

Emergency;  Catia Arrigoni
            Tel:   334 7142882

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