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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Rosendal Palace - Sweden

The buildings and landscaping of Rosendal Palace are a typical example of the major changes that Sweden experienced during Karl XIV Johan's reign from 1818 - 1844

French Marshall Jean Bernadette was elected successor to the Swedish throne in 1810.  He bought the
country estate  of Rosendal in 1817 and the new King Karl XIV Johan, he was the driving force in that getting the majority of the Rosendal buildings erected in the 1820s with a view to showcasing Swedish crafts and industry.

Guided tour of Palace

The guided tour presents the magnificent furnishings, many by Swedish artists and craftsmen, The interiors are an homage to the Parisian Empire style, but in a Swedish version that we now call Karl Johan - a style that features furniture in mahogany, hand-woven rugs, window dressings and silk wallcoverings in bold colours.  The Palace also houses objects from Karl XIV Johan's time, including porphyry vases from the king's own porphyry works in Alvdaslen.

Open:    1 June - 31 August   Tuesday - Sunday in conjunction with guided tours at 12, 13, 14 and 15.

Closed Midsummer Eve,   open Midsummer Day

How to get there:   15 minutes from the City

Besoksadress / Visits    Rosendalsvagen,

                   Bus 44, 69

Sparvagn / Tram 7


Tel:   08 40261 30  (Weekdays  9 - 12)


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