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Friday, 10 March 2017

Malaren - Sweden

Lake Malaren

On the northern shore of Lake Malaren are Knivsta, Enkoping and Habo, amid rock art, runestones and castles.  Wonderful swimming and exciting adventures are conveniently close to Stockholm.
Uppsala and the world via Arlanda airport.  Discover the traces of the Vikings and their forefathers
in Broborg, walk the culture trail over Vallbyasen or view one of the world's finest collections of Disney artefacts at Abergs Museum in Balsta. Visit Enkoping's parks, and continue your day at
Skokloster slott, a magnificent European baroque castle as exceptional now as it was then.

Tipa Malaren

 1  Eda Lagergard - your perfect starting point

 2  Between the vistas of Broborg and Vallbyasen Grave Field

 3  Kungshamn - Morga - A Rich Nature Reserve

 4  Parks iIn Enkoping

 5  Boglosa Rock Art

 6  Medieval Churches

 7  Wrangel's Well-Preserved Skokloster Castle

 8  Abergs Museum - With Its Own Jungle

 9  Biskops Arno is a Beautiful Historical Landscape of Forests, Fields, Meadows And Pastures.


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