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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Spot The Jellyfish - Malta

Painful Sting:   - Mauve Stinger (very common)  - Box jellyfish - Portuguese man o' war - nomadic jellyfish.

Mild /No Sting:   By-the-wind sailor - Comb Jellies - Cigar jellyfish - Fried egg jellyfish - Moon jellyfish-
                          Sea lung - Blue Button - Crystal  Jellyfish

Seen a species of jellyfish not shown.  Take a good photo or keep the specimen alive in a bucket full of seawater; Contact us on 79604109 or 23403704 for collection of specimen.
Take photos of jellyfish seen where possible.

Sting treatment advice

- Use only seawater for rinsing or soaking - Never freshwater
- Remove any attached tentacles with tweezers, card or stick
- DO NOT apply alcohol
- DO NOT  RUB the area
- For species A - apply mixture of bicarbonate and seawater
- For species B - apply vinegar
- For species C - apply hot packs or hot water immersion for 10 - 20 minutes
- For species D - apply ice or cold packs

Seek immediate medical aid if you have:  difficulty breathing or swallowing, chest pain or intense pain in the area.

Public health Contact \Number:  2122 4071

Sending a Report

Web: to fill a quick and easy online form

Email: and

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