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Friday, 3 June 2016

Swim In Nynashamn - Stockholm, Sweden

Nynashamn's own Copacobana is located at the far end of Nickstaviken.
At Nickstabanet, you can relax on the sandy beach, rent a Kayak, enjoy an ice-cream or maybe even jump from the 10-metre tower.

The beach by Karingboda is often quite empty of people.  Here, you are close to all of the greenest footpaths in a forest environment by the sea in the inner archipelago.

Maybe the most beautiful swimming bay if you like the outer isles is by Strandvagen. Drottningviken's sun-worm cliffs are a popular destination.

Toro Stenstrand ***

Bird watchers, flaneurs and surfers often frequent the municipality's very wildest archipelago environments, which can be reached by car.

The Big Islands ***

Landsort is the last southern outpost of the Stockholm Archipelago, with on outdoor exhibition, barren cliffs and Sweden's oldest lighthouse.
Nattaro', Rano and Alo' have some of the archipelago's and Sweden's best beaches and cultural landscapes.
You can also eat like royalty at the archipelago restaurant Batshaket.
(Alo') and others, Uto' can be reached by the boat to Alo' and then by cycle or on foot.  It is approx 10 km from Alo' jetty to Gruvbryggan on Uto'.
All of these islands can be reached by Waxholmbolaget's regular tours.

Old Culture ***

Osmo and Sorunda both have old cultural landscapes and spectacular church buildings from the 12th century. The so-called Runstenvagen has interments, rune stones and other remains from the Iron Age.

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