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Friday, July 7, 2017

The Resident Drone Fleet

Meet Airmageddon's resident drones, who'll be making life difficult for the competitors.

( Personalised Interactive Gyrocopter)

A practical joker who's constantly getting in the way of the action.  When not causing mischief, PIG's primary function is to demonstrate how the challenges are played.

( Weaponised Assault Ship)

These drones function as rapid response units. They're fast, agile and dynamic - and have a sting in their tails.

( Direct Response Aerial Gyrocopter)

The Dragon-class drone is intended to be a heavier duty WASP- style attack drone but with greater
firepower - hence the front -mounted flamethrower.


(Giant Unmanned Aerial Reconnaissance Drone)

These drones serve as defence and observation units.  They're the largest drones in the Airena and are controlled by Al algorithms.


These are the show's 'airjudicators' - the referees, in other words

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