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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Shreveport - Days Inn - Shreveport, USA

Shreverport - Days Inn
Shreverport Airport/1-10 Ex 13
4935 W Monkhouse DR
Shreverport, LA 71109

Tel:   (318) 636 0080


Baltimore- Days inn - Baltimore, MD - USA

Baltimore - Days Inn
Inner Harbor/1-95 Exit 53
100 Hopkins Pl
Baltimore, MD 21201

Tel:   (410) 576 1000


Wiener Cafeet - Norrmalm, Sweden

The concept of Wienercafeet is based on French tradition with elements from both Sweden and Vienna.  The essence is to be able to enjoy, smell and inhale the atmosphere, which should overshadow the necessity of payment.  You can simply visit a supreme patisserie to observe and breathe in the scents with no obligation to buy.  This base paired with a French-inspired celebration of cafes, our unique location, and an environment nurtured through extreme care, love and attention resulted in "Wienercafeet, established  1904" - like a counterpart to a city's Grand Hotel.
Wienercafeet offers everything from coffee and baked goods to salads and crepes with wine and champagne.

Wiener Cafeet
Biblioteksgatan 6 - 8

Tel:   +46 (0)8 611 21 16



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