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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Apartment Benamati Laura - Malcesine, Italy

Apartment Benamati Laura
Lacalita' Sottodossi, 3

Tel:   045 7401117
        333  4827334
        333 4838033
Fax:  045 7401117

Apartment Bauer Emil - Malcesine, Italy

Apartment Bauer Emil
Via di Mezzo, 15

Cogs, Cobbles And Cinnamon Buns - Sweden

A trip to Koping takes about an hour and 20 minutes from Stockholm.

Experience a small town in the innermost bay of Lake Malaren.  It was here Rickard Dybeck wrote Sweden's national anthem, Du gamla du fria. Koping's town centre, with its beautiful houses from the previous turn of the century and the fine square that includes the Radhus (Town Hall), beg to be explored.  Follow Glasgatan past the beautiful industrial buildings where Koping's mechanical worksho was once founded.  Here can be found automobile and technology history and collections of famous cars such as the compressor- powered Mercedes - Benz SSK from 1929. Legendary brands such as Bugatti and Panhard- Levassor are on display along with timeless classics like Bentley and Rolls-Royce.
Stroll toward Old Town and capture a sense of the Koping of yesteryear. The seventeenth-century Old Rectory, cobbled streets, water pumps and the last riverside manor.  Continue toward Main Square and look at our beautiful town hall and the old Pharmacy House. Across from the square is Carl Milles' statue of Carl Wilhelm Scheele, the man who discovered oxygen, and Koping Church with its unique tripych from 1520 Karlbergsskogen lies Gammelgard, an open air museum with a cosy cafe under a thick canopy of trees. A cup of coffee with a cinnamon bun or waffle is the perfect ending to an unforgettable day out in Koping.

For information on sightseeing, eating establishments and guided tours, calk the tourist bureau on:

Tel:   +46 (0)221 256 55


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