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St Patrick's Church & School - Sliema, Malta

The History Of The Salesian Society can be traced to an obscure village in the north of Italy called The Becchi.  Our history began when little John Bosco dreamed a very strange dream at the age of 9.  Or, we may date the origins of our Society to a surprise encounter that brought him face to face with a
frightened street urchin on 8 December 1841.  Or, perhaps to the little band of 17 young men to whom Don Bosco first gave the title "Salesians" (after St Francis of Sales) on 26 January, 1854.  But these historical facts barely explain our international existence as a "family" of nearly 400,500 members in the service of young people.

We are formally known as the Society of St Francis of Sales, a Religious Congregation of men devoted to apostolic and missionary activity but especially to the service of young people, in particular those who are most in need of care and disadvantaged.  We are to be found in 132 different nations.  We started work in Malta in 1903.

What inspires and shapes our concrete salesian pastoral activity is the needs of the young and of ordinary people, the desire to work with the Church and in her name, thus working towards a more just world and greater fellowship in Christ.

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St Patrick's Church is located at the centre of the busy town of Sliema.  It offers daily liturgical services in English for both locals and visitors.  The first Salesian Fathers arrived on 13th November 1903.  On Monday 16th May 1904, the Archbishop was requested by the Rev, Fr. Patrick O'Grady, first Father Rector of the new Salesian Community. On Sunday, 30th July 1905 the new chapel was inaugurated and blessed.

All services are in English.  The Priests here are the Salesian Fathers belonging to an international Congregation of Fathers and Brothers founded in 1869 by St John Bosco. Attached to the church there is the St Patrick School for Boys.

St Patrick Salesian School provides a supportive learning environment that allows students to prosper
academically and socially.
Our school environment is a family-like setting. A friendly atmosphere breeds enthusiasm  and friendliness. The Salesian Fathers arrived in Malta in 1903 and welcomed the first boys into their care in 1904.  Progressively the school passed from being a trade school to being a 'Home ' for boys, and
from giving shelter to 120 residents, to a more attentive caring environment for about 36 boys. It is the goal of education here to give our boys the opportunity to discover, Art, Drama, Backstage knowhow
Sports or to be part of the Eko Skola team or the President's Award Scheme.
Emphasis is placed on mutual respect, spirituality, human formation and self expression through creative arts.


               School :  +356 2133 9337

        Care Office:  +356 2133 6600



At present the Chaplain of St Patrick's Church is

                      Rev. Fr. Joe Cini sdb.

He can be contacted    Tel:   (+356) 9986 1586


St Patrick' Church
St John Bosco Street
Sliema SLM 1925 Malta

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